Integrity Management Program Development

TIMS expertise and experience in the development and maintenance of Integrity Management Programs (IMP) started well before the respective oil, gas and storage regulations came into effect.  We have developed and assessed programs for both small pipeline operators as well as Fortune 500 organizations.  We help operators in the design and testing of their IMPs from an audit preparedness and program effectiveness perspectives.  Each TIMS developed IMP has successfully passed PHMSA and state agency based audits.


Risk Management

TIMS has extensive expertise in determining and managing the relative risk (both probability and consequences) for both pipeline and underground gas storage systems consistent with current DOT and state regulatory requirements.  We have been involved since the inception of the U.S. and Canadian rules as participants in code and regulatory committees that have developed the standards that shape the industry.  TIMS is an advocate for the advancement of Risk Management and Assessment techniques and works with Kent Muhlbauer as a partner in this field.


Pipeline Safety Management Systems

TIMS has the expertise and experience helping companies assess, develop and implement pipeline safety management systems.  We have been involved in the advancement of API 1173 as it applies to operations.  Prior to API 1173, TIMS was involved in various other management system approaches to operations from a strategic to tactical level.


MAOP Validation

TIMS has market leading expertise in MAOP Validation Services, including over 35,000 miles of gas and liquid pipeline analysis and support.  TIMS differentiates itself in this congested field by ensuring proper problem definition, targeted strategies, direct operator experience and clear program experience.  In essence, it is not volume that speaks to expertise, but quality and delivering fit-for-purpose solutions.


Engineering Specifications and Procedures

TIMS has extensive expertise developing reference manuals that provide detailed specifications for various design, procurement, and operational processes.  Services can range from review to augmentation of existing company procedures to the development of an integrated library for deployment, and training of these procedures.  This expertise is a direct result of our genetic code which is founded on ex-operator staff who held directly accountability for these areas of responsibilities.


Pipeline & Facility Project management

From new pipeline installations to facility operational improvements, our engineers have experience designing and managing transmission, distribution and storage infrastructure projects.  We handle all design services from initial planning to final design, providing construction oversight and as-built services.  Our experienced staff can take the project from route/site selection through to “ready for service.”


GIS and Mapping Services

TIMS has dedicated GIS and mapping experts to assist clients in digitizing critical data, geo-referencing, advanced spatial analysis, custom map preparation, ESRI technology upgrades, and more.  We have performed GIS needs assessments through to GIS system implementations that include the training of operator resources and system maintenance.  TIMS is a ESRI Business Partner which allows us to provide a better service to our clients with access to a larger knowledge base of ESRI and related products.


Integrity data SERVICES

TIMS offers Integrity Data Services to help save operators valuable time and resources by reducing the administrative burden of ILI, CIS and physical inspection data management.  As an independent consulting firm, we combine our data management and integrity expertise to processes integrity based datasets into the actionable intelligence that support better integrity planning, monitoring and decision-making.